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How Will My Virtual Visit Work?

If you would like to schedule a visit with Dr. Nordella, you will need to just reach out to his office and get an appointment.

Once you have registered and scheduled your appointment, you use a HIPPA compliant video software called, to connect with Dr. Nordella via video at the time of your appointment.

*See below for additional information

More About the Technology Dr. Nordella will Use

Chart & Stethoscope

Electronic Health Record (EHR)


Athena EHR stores all your medical information and allows the doctor to schedule, bill, prescribe, 

and communicate securely with you the patient. 

Girl Using Laptop

Video Conferencing is the system used for connecting via video to the doctor. You can use the web browser on your computer or via the smart phone app. For best results, have a strong, stable network connection.

Insurance Policy

Dr. Nordella is a participating provider with Medicare, but not with any of the other insurance companies. At the conclusion of the visit, your insurance will be billed and you may receive a check directly from your insurance company.

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